Stance On Competition

Stance On Competition

When deciding on a niche for their business, most people will start to look around at similar websites to see what others are doing. They soon realize that these awesome looking, established websites are going to be their competition, and the fear starts to set it.

I agree, it’s pretty hard to imagine that you, someone starting with pretty much zero internet marketing skills could outrank and outsell some of the big boys, whether it be or The Huffington Post.

The easiest answer to explain at this point is that you have to start somewhere! If you don’t start now, at zero, you’ll never get started. The established players may have a lead on you, but remember, they too started out from scratch some years in the past, and grew to what we see today. In a few years time you will have a head start on some other newbies just getting started, and probably be happy that they have to work hard to achieve what you have.

The growth process

isn’t obvious, but it happens to everyone in every business. No one starts out on top.

The other portion of that answer is that no one stays in the lead forever. Many things can happen in the next few years. There are always things happening that shake up the business world, and new opportunities may open up that you never considered before.

One last thing I also want to help you understand is that it doesn’t take that much work to be in the Top 10. To be #1? Yeah, it takes true dedication. But to be just “very good” is achievable just by being consistent over a period of time. If you are careful about the steps you take and focus on creating high quality content that delivers value to your visitors, you will easily outrank 90% of the competition. The vast majority of people in every industry get lazy or complacent at some point, and that provides an opportunity for hard workers just like you!

No, it’s not always as easy as having the answers written on the wall saying, “Hey, Business X didn’t see this opportunity so now it’s time for you to take advantage of it!”. But the opportunities are always there, and it’s just a matter of knowing how to identify them as they pop up. Imagine if we lived in a world where established players just never gave up their position and the new guys never had the opportunity to show them up?

Nothing would change in the world of business, ever.

The more difficult thing to explain is that you will learn tactics and become a savvier business person in the coming months. You might not see things clearly right now, but as you do you research and learn about affiliate marketing, you’ll discover places where competition is extremely low, even in very competitive niches.

For example, weight loss for women is a very competitive niche. Even weight loss for women before weddings is well known as being lucrative and has a lot of established sites to compete against.

Small targeting

But what if you start targeting even smaller areas that the big guys neglect? If is ranking for “how to lose weight before a wedding”, what stones have they left unturned? How about these:

how to lose 10 pounds before my wedding
how to lose weight fast for a wedding for someone with high blood pressure
how to lose weight 2 weeks before a wedding
how to buy a wedding dress if I plan to lose 15 pounds
It just wouldn’t make sense for a site like USA Today to just write these types of articles over and over again. So they write a generalized 500 word pop article that their audience reads and forgets about. The real meat of research and help for people that actually need to lose that weight can be done by you and put on your site

No, you won’t get those big fat juicy rankings right away, but you can build up to that. We start with the scraps, but our day is coming!

One article can bring you 100 visits a day, or 10 articles with 10 visits each for a total 100 visits a day. Same deal.

So I mean to make these points clear.

Growth and competitiveness takes time. You’ve got to start somewhere.
There are plenty of ways to squeeze your way into any competitive market if you put in the effort