Affiliate Program

Some Notes about Affiliate Program

The main action we needed to take for this chapter was to conduct some research and takes some notes. We are just looking to see what’s out there to help us make a better decision on which niche to choose.

If you didn’t find anything, don’t get discouraged! I would rather see you choose a topic you are interested in than something just because you think it can make more money. To be honest, if you are a newbie, you might not be a very good judge of which niche has potential and which doesn’t!

If you are still thinking, “I don’t care what the niche is as long as it makes money”, then you can spend more time researching affiliate programs and find one that looks attractive to you. If you do that, keep my advice from before in mind: A product is not a niche. I will also add that a brand is not a niche either. If you do choose a niche based on the affiliate program, re-read chapter 3 and make sure you have a group of people in mind you want to target.

Off Page SEO

Tasks For This Chapter

  • Find 3 potential affiliate programs based on your niche
  • Find how much they pay, and what the cookie length is
  • Write down this information in a text file on your computer or phone, along with some initial impressions about their program, website, and products
  • Think about whether or not these observations affects your choice of niche