Search and Traffic Numbers

Search and Traffic Numbers

What are good traffic numbers to look for? Actually…Anything. Seriously. Why are you being so picky?

Sure, if you wanted to build up a quick niche site with impressive numbers so you could flip it to an investor, maybe you would want to look at creating some content with higher traffic stats, but since we are creating a long term business for ourselves here, any traffic number will do.

If you write one hundred articles with one visit per day, that’s one hundred extremely targeted visitors to your website every single day that you can count on. My current website has almost 1,000 blog posts on it, which would mean I can pretty much count on one thousand visits per day (if I had a keyword for each post).

Actually, I have much more traffic than that, but that’s besides the point.

If you could fast forward three years and have a thousand-post website with a thousand visits a day you could funnel to a list or to affiliate pages would you do it? Heck yeah! You can do it, but you have to build it one post at a time (which is a huge pitfall for many people by the way).

Talking about specific numbers though, anything with above 300 searches per month (using Jaaxy) is doing quite well. Above 500 or 1000 is fantastic. Even 100 or 200 a month is doing alright, but under 100 is pretty low.

I always consider: Is the keyword attractive? I mean, does it makes sense, and what type of visitor do you think it will attract?


Time to use your brain! Let’s talk about some examples of good and not-so-good keywords we could potentially use on our website. Before you flip out, yes, coffee enemas are a real thing, and I actually have a website about it that does make money. It’s a thing that’s gaining some traction in the alternative medicine community. You learn something new every day, right? Ha!

coffee enema blog – 32 searches 25 competition 

The amount of searches aren’t great, but QSR is low. I could probably rank for it, but why? Maybe I could write a post about the Top 10 Coffee Enema Blogs Online, and it could generate some traffic, but this is not an awesome keyword. People coming to my site probably want to leave right away!

coffee enema frequency – 56 searches 23 competition 

Slightly more searches than above, but still pretty low. This might be more attractive as people landing on my site will see that I have some knowledge on the topic and are interested in doing their own coffee enemas probably. I could then direct them to products I recommend like organic coffee.

organic coffee enemas – 128 searches 190 competition 

More searches, but also more competition. Competition is still within the range of what we consider to be “low”, but the keyword itself is quite broad, and may be harder to rank for. Don’t count it out! It may be good for a core page on your website. You can also look for related keywords like “Where to buy organic coffee for enemas” or “Do organic coffee enemas work better than non-organic?”

are coffee enemas safe – 136 searches 44 competition 

Grammatically correct, higher traffic (compared to other keywords in this niche), and very low competition. This would be a perfect blog post title. The other keywords shown above are OK, and I would target them eventually, but this one would be my #1 choice.

The examples above are all pretty mild as far as searches go, because this is not very popular topic. However, it’s a great niche because the audience is very passionate. It takes an issue (illness or discomfort) and solves it (waste evacuation, caffeine stimulation).

For popular niches or high traffic keywords, you can expect searches to go into hundreds or even thousands per month. However, the majority of keywords you find for any niche are not going to be that high, and are probably going to land somewhere between 0-500.

Let’s look a few more examples

carp fishing pole – 112 searches 120 competition 

A decent amount of searches, but higher competition compared to the number of searches. Something I would consider going for, but I may find a lower competition keyword like best carp fishing rods review. It’s showing less than 10 searches per month, but I see that bass fishing rods reviews has 32 searches per month and only 9 competition. I’d rather try to rank for something easy I know I can get some traffic from than tougher keywords.

children fishing poles – 256 searches 121 competition 

A lot more searches compared to the previous example, but the same number of competition. Kids stuff is always a winner, so I would write a big post comparing some of the top fishing poles for kids, and defining which ones are best for which ages.

hello kitty fishing pole – 120 searches 27 competition 

A good number of searches and very low competition. Worth writing for, but because it’s a very specific product, I think I would have a hard time writing about it. I would instead write a post called [brand] Hello Kitty Fishing Pole Review, and make it a product review post rather than try to write a general article about Hello Kitty fishing poles.

ice fishing pole – 306 searches 195 competition 

Many more searches, but also higher in competition. I could probably do several posts on lower competition keywords like comparing different ice fishing pole brands, or explaining how ice fishing poles are different from other types of poles. I’m not sure I would target this keyword as-is, but would definitely use it for a series of blog posts about ice fishing gear.

Portable ice fishing shelters – 348 searches 206 competition 

Tons of searches for a potentially very expensive item. Competition is a bit higher, but I don’t care. This is something I would definitely try to rank for!

Crappie ice fishing techniques 79 searches 5 competition 

A great example of a very specific keyword with super low competition. Traffic is lower, but still OK and worth targeting. This is a great chance to write a tutorial, then link off to a crappie fishing pole review or #1 rated fishing pole!

Ice fishing shanty plans 160 searches 94 competition 

Pretty good searches and pretty low competition. What’s most exciting about this keyword is that there is probably a digital info product you could promote related to this topic. Rank on page 1 for this term, and you might have hundreds of ice fishermen visiting your website every day buying shanty plans through your website!