High Ticket Items

High Ticket Items

This is basically marketing slang for expensive stuff. Ten percent of $1000 is $100 per sale and those types of commissions can add up pretty quickly. If you make a hundred bucks per sale and just one sale each day, that’s $36,500 per year in income – wowzers! You’ll see a lot of buzz from the gurus about this, and a lot of the time that’s how they con newbies into reselling their expensive private coaching courses.

“Joe made $2000 in his first twenty four hours online!”

What they don’t tell you is that Joe sold a $5,000 marketing package to a granny who spent her entire retirement on a promise that she was almost guaranteed to make money.

Still, I can’t deny that selling one item for $500 is easier than selling five hundred items for $1. I sold a homebrew sculpture for a couple grand one time and made a few hundred dollars from that one sale. I was pretty happy with myself that day.

There are high ticket items in every niche if you just look. They might not be immediately obvious, but if you can draw lines between things, you can get creative.

If you are doing something about arts & crafts for kids, including some promos for stuff like backyard swing sets or club houses would be alright as long as you draw connection that the kids will be helping with this this “big art project”.

If you the swing set you promote costs a grand, and you make a five percent commission, you only have to convince one person each day (out of six billion people in the world) that they need a swing set for their kids, and you can make an extra $1500 per month.

Affiliate Managers

For a newbie, this might be a bit daunting – to actually have someone there watching your site or checking up on how you’re doing, but it’s not a big deal

In the beginning, I was super stressed to have an affiliate manager because i thought they would hate my site and kick me out of the program! (Just so you know, that’s not going to happen)

Actually, the managers I’ve met so far are all pretty cool. Some will check up on your site from time to time if you are generating a lot of traffic and sales, but if you have got a bare bones website they’ll pretty much leave you alone unless you ask for help.

This is great if you have questions about how to use their link tracking system or want to know about the products you are promoting. Eventually, if you start doing well you can even negotiate deals for higher payments.

Having an affiliate manager you can reach out to is awesome compared to sending questions to an empty inbox, which happens a lot.

Shoot them an email with some basic questions just to see if anyone’s alive over there. If you don’t want to do that, just check out their affiliate signup page.

Are there broken images and dead links? Is there no information about commission percentages or clear instructions on how to sign up? This might be a B-Level program you’re looking at.
If they offer training, bonuses, or even stats on what their top affiliates are earning it means that they are probably actively involved and interested in seeing you perform well.

In addition to seeing what your future affiliate manager is up to, you can also see if they offer other things like banners, tracking links, and other marketing material.